Gluten free ginger and nut slice “Chelsea Winter”

My daughter has made a very wise decision to move home for a few weeks before she heads off on her OE. She has been slowly educating me about gluten and dairy free diet for her own personal health.So today we decided to bake something together for the first time (much to my hubby’s amusement) because mother like daughter we get a little bit stroppy so to speak. Hubby is really keen to enter us in the next Master Chef as a team because he reckons when the sparks fly it would improve the ratings!
Anyway we decided to give this lovely recipe from Chelsea Winter a go. We went to Moore Wilson’s to find the coconut flour and a few other ingredients and more importantly a freshly brewed Supreme bean cappuccino first. We ended up getting a general baking gluten free flour by Healtheries instead of buying coconut flour as seen in the recipe, at $16/kg a pop it seemed a little bit too expensive just for one recipe.
Anyway we followed the recipe exactly, except for the icing because I insist on a thick layer of icing to make it worthwhile none of this “moderation” malarkey comes out of this kitchen.
We tried out just a little corner of the slice to see what it like and it was still slightly warm and very moreish. Then got covered and whisked away to a pot luck dinner with my daughter and her friend somewhere in Wellington.
So I think all the squabbles in the kitchen may have paid off, plus some free entertainment for Mr S.

Enjoy xoxo

Ginger and Nut Slice (Chelsea Winter)
Ginger and Nut Slice (Chelsea Winter)

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