Fashion Envy

Okay so let me explain I am not a huge follower of fashion these days but I do have a particular taste and was inspired by mother’s impeccable taste. When I was a little girl I would stand and watch my mum putting on her makeup and doing her hair and I remember how she never went anywhere without looking nice.
She always kept up with the fashion trends even when she had very little money and 3 mouths to feed, guessing she would sew all of her outfits. I also recall a street photograph that I have not been able to get my hands on when she was in her 20’s and looked every bit of a celebrity wearing a 3/4 coat, gloves, and stiletto’s.
The closest I have ever got to wearing the 1940’s fashion was when I had to get a 1940’s costume for a conference and I was able to find an amazing dress and fox fur. I felt amazing in it and even picked up the first prize for best costume on the night.
Here a few of the amazing clothes around in the 40’s and not surprised that there has been a big resurgence. Must be some truth in the old adage that fashion is regurgitated in cycles.

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