Cheesy Frittata

Monday night was one of the days when cooking dinner was in the too hard basket and tempted to buy takeaways. However I managed to rally around and found a few ingredients and with little effort made this Frittata.

Cleaned out the fridge Ingredients
8 eggs
Approx 100 grams Feta
Approx 100 grams Brie
Approx 100 grams Tasty cheese (grated)
Diced onion
Diced 3 gloves garlic
Thinly sliced potatoe
Cup of frozen broccoli/cauliflower

Saute onions,garlic & sliced potatoe in butter until tender
Add frozen vegetables
Beat eggs then pour over the cooked ingredients
When the base is cooked and the frittata fluffs up, dot the tomatoe, and cheese on the top and put the pan under the grill until top is golden brown.
Let Frittata rest for 5 mins before cutting.
Bon Apetite

Cheesy Frittata

Cheesy Frittata


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