Nana’s Pear Pickle

Amongst all the old recipe books are numerous hand written notes from my wee Nana and one of them was a recipe for pear pickle. My Mum said that Nana would make this pear pickle and she absolutely loved it. We were both intrigued with the recipe reciting 2 1/2 tablespoons Musto (Chow Chow). On further research I discovered that Musto was a blend of spices sold in shops in two brands of chow chow and piccalilli from roughly the 1960’s and from reading previous posts can no longer buy it since 2004.
I have borrowed an old advertisement from another source and hope they do not mind. I just adore the advertising back then.

My Nana’s Recipe

Substitute for Trents musto for chow chow pickles.
6 tablespoons mustard, 11/2 tablespoons tumeric, 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper, 1 cup flour. Mix all together and use in place of a packet of musto.

I think in memory of my Nana and “Musto” this recipe is definitely worth a try, will keep you posted on the product soon.


2 thoughts on “Nana’s Pear Pickle

    • limeshake

      Hi Tania, I used dry mustard to replace the musto using the same quantity and it turned out just fine. Might not be quite as good as my Nana’s! Good luck

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