Project no.2 Hanging Garden

Hanging pots seem like a sensible solution for space saving town house dwellers and novice gardeners like me. I found this idea from Lara and Brad on Australia The Block outdoor garden reveal when I was looking at pics of Sophie and Dale’s kitchen. The episode has not aired in New Zealand as yet so it was a bit sneaky of me. Anyway I absolutely love this idea and intend to utilise the fence that surrounds us on three sides. I thought once I source the pots and the hooks to hang them on I would display them on the fence outside the kitchen window.

Lara and Brad’s backyard and hanging pot feature

I have sourced these inexpensive hooks from Mapua Country Trading Co.

Price $4 each

Hooks for hanging pots
Hanging pots

2 thoughts on “Project no.2 Hanging Garden

    • limeshake

      Hi mickae,
      I have not made mine yet still working on it, but thanks for dropping in and be sure to watch this space for my hanging garden 🙂

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