Gabs Creation

My gorgeous daughter graduated from uni this year and we made our way to Auckland for a few days in December before Christmas. I have never been more proud of my girl that day when she walked up on the stage to receive her degree. She is also quite clever in the kitchen and prepared a culinary masterpiece one evening similar to the picture. She used no recipe but put together a dish  measured with skill, flavor and lots of love and better than anything else served to us  eating out in Auckland.  Gabs served her  Smoked Chicken orzo salad with garlic butter new baby Bene potatoes.


4  cups of cooked Orzo

handful of  beautiful black olives

1 smoked chicken diced

finely crumbled feta cheese

Handful of spinach

1 pot of pesto (choose a good one)

6 sun dried tomatoes

Finely diced red onion

Mix the ingredients together and gently fold through the pesto before serving. The orzo was still slightly warm so the flavor intensified. Salt and pepper to taste. A squeeze of fresh lemon optional.

This pic is not the actual dish and you can click on the photo if you like the look of this salad.

Orzo salad with Pesto

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