Sexy Avacado with Endeavor Prawns

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Sexy Avacado with Prawns

Living in the tropics has a few challenges like the overwhelming heat making you perspire buckets, the creepy crawlies and prickly heat.

But Cairns easily made up for this in a few ways, such as their incredible prawns and superb avocado!

In fact I probably never tried an avocado until I visited Cairns in the late 70’s and began to make them a staple in my diet ever since.

Rusty’s market on a Saturday morning was the highlight of my life when I lived there and this is where I would shop for Avocado and fresh cooked prawns. The endeavor prawn was the most popular because of the price at the market and you had to be early to get them before they would sell out.  The King, Tiger and Banana prawn variety would also be available but these were more expensive and way out of my budget.

There would be a such a huge range of avocado  at Rusty’s such as the Hass, and Fuerte and you could buy a bag for only a few dollars.

The hardest part was getting home quick enough to eat them. Saturday lunch would be avocado and prawns with crusty bread.


Halve and pip the avocado and score the flesh.

Squeeze some fresh lemon juice over them

Shell the prawns (these prawns already cooked)

Mix in a bowl the prawns, and creamy mayonnaise brand you like and a squeeze of lemon

Add some chilli and salt and pepper

Fill the avocado with the prawn mixture and serve immediately

Serve with crusty french sticks


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