Mother in Law Betty

My mother in law Betty loved her cooking and she was an inspiration to me how she could whip up large volumes of baking for her family and friends. The teapot was never cold and I liked going around to visit to just sit in her kitchen and absorb all of her skills and recipes.

Most of Betty’s recipes were structured around affordability and feeding a very large family so she never wasted a thing and had uses for every left-over. One of these clever recipes was a delicious sweet bun that she called a Sally Lunn. It was unusual because one of the ingredients is leftover mashed potatoe that actually gives the bun a lovely moist texture.

I suspect that this was a recipe she found or was given from one of her many friends and not a family recipe passed down to her. She made this recipe uniquely her own and was a regular item requested from her children.

Sally Lunn Recipe

Sally Lunn made with cold mash potatoe

1 Cup cold mashed potato

1 Cup sugar

2 cups self rising flour

¼ teaspoon salt

½ cup sultanas ( or currants)

¼ cup milk

Vanilla Icing

1 ½ cups icing sugar

sifted 2 tblsp butter softened

Dash vanilla essence

1-2 tblsp milk


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