Homemade Mint Sauce and Lamb

Food52I reckon that there is nothing on this planet that tastes better than New Zealand lamb but paying $40 for a leg  is beyond most Kiwi’s budgets. A really good way to overcome this problem is to wait for the specials, and grab them when they are $20 then purchase two and put away in the freezer.
Perhaps ask the wider family to take turns in cooking Sunday dinner and each family contributes toward the cost of the lamb. Roast lamb with homemade mint sauce is a marriage made in heaven, and this is my Mum’s simple recipe.


Pick a good bunch of mint and remove the leaves from the stem

Roll leaves into a tight roll like a cigar then chop finely

On the same chopping board sprinkle a good tablespoon of sugar

Keep chopping the mint with the sugar, as this will help to bring out the flavour

Scrape the mint and sugar off the chopping board and put into a small jug

Add about 1/4 of malt vinegar to 1/4 hot water

Stir until sugar has dissolved

Let it cool and adjust the sweetness according to your taste.

This sauce will keep well in a airtight container in fridge for weeks.


Leg of New Zealand Lamb


Click the photo to check out the price


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