Strawberry Season is Here and adventure to find the lost recipe

Fresh picked Strawberries

We are a very blessed little country filled with amazing fresh produce and this time of the year is when we get to pig out on strawberries. They are one of the easiest things to grow and very little care required as my couple of strawberry plants by the clothesline with tell you. There is nothing nicer than growing and picking your own but not everyone has the luxury. At the moment a punnet costs as little as $3 and there is no excuse not to buy a few and create something amazing with them.

In the late 80’s I was travelling around Canada/USA and stayed with an amazing couple in Goderich on their small farm. Betty made this incredible strawberry pie that looked and tasted magnificient. She said jokingly that it was only all air calories but of course we both knew this was not quite true. The base was a sweet thin crust filled with cut and sliced strawberries soaking in a sweet brine and set like a jelly, then topped with a meringue and cream and fresh strawberries. When I tried this dessert I died and went to heaven and my feeble attempts of emulating her wonderful recipe have never been as good.

I use to have Betty’s recipe handwritten in a diary I kept while travelling, but sadly lost it. However the recipe is a living memory and my purpose is to try and find a similar recipe. If anyone can help I would be grateful. Happy Strawberry Eating!


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