Oldie Recipe Swiss Steak

I learned this recipe from a very old friend who taught me that you can prepare a beautiful meal using basic ingredients. Origin of the recipe came from the method of preparing the meat such us pounding and rolling called “swissing”. A good solution to cooking with cheaper and tougher cuts of meat. The traditional Swiss Steak is braising the meat in a cooking pot of stewed tomatoes. My friend would use schnitzel steak and then cook it slowly in the oven covered with tinfoil. The meat would come out quite tender and the gravy full of flavor.

My adaptation of Swiss Steak

Use any sort of cheap cut of cooking steak

Place the meat on chopping board and cover with some cling wrap and bash it with a heavy object. Meat should be thinner than when you started.

Flour the meat lightly with some salt and pepper.

Chop up 2 medium sized onions

Additional garlic, mushrooms, celery, capsicum

Place meat and onions and additional ingredients in a flat oven proof dish.

Cover the meat with  beef stock, you can add a tin of tomatoes if you like

Dash of Worcestershire, tomato sauce, tablespoon brown sugar  and tablespoon vinegar (tenderises meat as cooking)

Season with plenty of salt and pepper

Picture in the Post is Swiss Steak cooked in a slow cooker

Cook slow for about 1-2 hours until meat is really soft and tender.

Serve with potato mash and greens.


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