Love my Lambs Fry and Bacon

Food is an expensive commodity these days and I absolutely refuse to pay ridiculous supermarket prices for our famous cuts of lamb and beef. As I drool my way down the meat aisle past the lamb chops I usually find the lambs fry. For a couple of dollars you could feed an army. But not many people know how to cook it nicely.  I look at the size and cut of the lambs fry. It shouldn’t be big huge chunks! It is only a small animal’s liver guys. So the pieces should be no bigger than your palm. When you get it ready to cook, slice it very thin and coat it with flour, salt and pepper.

Here is the best way to cook it.

Saute some onions, 2 rashers of bacon cut small and small amount of garlic in olive oil.

Remove the onions, garlic and bacon from the pan.

Add a little more oil and I sometimes use a little butter to the pan and drop the pieces of lambs fry turning them only once so about 1 min both sides. Remove them quickly from the pan. Do not overcook, because it will be like rubber.

Put the onions and garlic back in the pan and sprinkle some flour and cook out before adding some beef stock, a dash of Worcestershire sauce. Stir quickly and then return the lambs fry back in pan to reheat before serving.

Taste the gravy and add more salt and pepper if needed.  If you have some red wine add some when cooking the gravy to add depth of flavour.

Serve with crusty bread, and creamy mashed potatoeImage


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